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You Can Earn Huge Commissions With This Superb Income Opportunity!

You can promote this opportunity with or without a website

Recently many large Internet companies have introduced affiliate opportunities to market their product or services. It is a win-win situation. The affiliate i.e., you receives commissions paid each month and the company i.e., ourselves receives extra sales. Hurry up and start winning with free spins on registration no deposit at our casino. Limited supply!

All you need to do is to advertise or give your customers/friends a special link address to homebusinessopportunities.co.uk and receive a nice commission on everything ordered plus everything your customers order when ever they re-visit the site, even if they come back direct to the site and not via your link, this is done using advanced software programs including cookies and IP address tracking.

In the FREE members area we will show you exactly how to bring new customers in their droves through your special link to our site.

There are however two main problems with the majority of affiliate programs:

  • The commissions paid are too small to be profitable for the affiliate
  • The affiliates do not receive commission of any of their customers joining as an affiliate themselves, therefore losing out


The Homebusiness Opportunities affiliate program stands out head and shoulders above the rest

We offer:

  • A full 30% commission on the sale value of every one of your customers.
  • PLUS 5% of the sale value of your sub affiliates i.e., an affiliate who you introduced to the site There is therefore Unlimited Earning potential – no limits whatsoever.

You will have already viewed our quality products, and probably even purchased one or more for yourself, therefore you are aware how attractive the products are and will be to your future customers.

Example of your future earnings as an affiliate of homebusinessopportunities.co.uk. The average total order value from our website is approx. £35 to £45 (customers usually purchase more than one product) therefore assuming that through you personal initial links for your customers or potential customers plus those customers who return to the site direct or through your link, you achieve just 3 sales per day plus after a few months you have just 25 affiliates who also achieve just 3 sales per day, you would be earning £1065 per week!

(You receive 30% commission on your customer’s sales and 5% commission on your sub affiliates customer’s sales)

Once you have joined as an affiliate you will be supplied with login details to access the members only affiliate area where you will be able to track your commissions in real time and check your full statistics.

You will also receive a full homebusiness affiliate marketing plan showing you step by step how to generate new customers and link them to our site with your own personal link.

On the members site you can view your individual sales statistics:

  • How many direct sales have been made
  • How many sub affiliates you have
  • How many sub affiliate sales have been made
  • Your total earnings to date
  • Total amount owed to you
  • Full order statistics including date ordered
  • Everything is processed and your commissions are added automatically with the latest Internet technology


Unlike many other sites we do not just give you credit when people purchase through your affiliate link, but use a special tagging system that allows you to receive commission even if the customer comes direct to the site following the initial link.

Every visitor is tagged with a special cookie that has your affiliate I.D. plus their IP address is tracked, so that if at a later date they visit the site direct and not through your official link, you will still receive your commission. This also works for your sub affiliates and their sales.

We GUARANTEE that all sales you personally refer will result in commission for you plus you will receive commission on ALL the sales of your sub affiliates.

To Sum Up

This opportunity is FREE to join, all people are welcome.

There are no sales obligations whatsoever; you can promote the site as much or as little as you like, but obviously the more you promote the site i.e., to friends, through advertising, email lists, banner links etc., the more you can earn.

Don’t forget its free to join, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose!


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