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Calling Writers …… Publishers ……. Internet Users …….. Computer Owners …….

57 Reasons Why …..

Information is the Hottest, Fastest-
Selling, No. 1 Product For The
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Dear Reader

YOU Can Make £60,000 a Year from a Home-Based Information Publishing
Business ….. I Do ….. I’ll Show YOU How to Do the Same!

With that in mind ….. are you ready to ……

Make A Killing In The Coming Information Boom?

If you’ve ever considered writing your own book or newsletter or you’ve thought about running your own publishing business, or maybe you’re just fascinated by the mechanics of mail order, direct mail, not forgetting the Internet, then I have great news for you.

The information business is growing fast, opening uncharted horizons, developing new opportunities, inflating profits for anyone arriving at the start of the coming information boom.

Yet things are moving faster than even the experts predicted and, as the Millennium approaches, and the Internet continues its relentless invasion into everyone’s lives, the time is right to ask yourself.
What Do People Need Most of All …..Where Are They Most Likely To Find It?

Everyone under the sun is crying out for answers to questions and problems in their lives. “How can I make more money?”,” Where’s the best place to invest my windfall?”, “What is it my doctor isn’t telling rne?”,”What chance do I have of starting a business without capital?”, “How can I lose weight fast?” People are crying out for information that helps solve problems in their lives …..

….. and you can answer the call as a writer, publisher; computer owner, Internet user. My latest home study course will show you how.

As a writer or publisher of ‘how to’ information, you do not need writing skills, experience or capital. There are plenty of other people keen to carry out the simple tasks involved and lots of ways to market your products free or at almost zero cost, and simple inexpensive testing will show if you have a winner on your hands, long before the writing process begins!
Just Imagine …..

…. you have an idea for a book you think everyone needs ….. you do not want to write it yourself so you get someone else to do it for you, completely free of charge ….. you mail a simple letter testing your idea for less than £40 …. three days later cheques totalling £200 pop through your letterbox and you start the whole exercise again, even before the book is finished, literally turning that £200 into many thousands of pounds, before you invest another …… penny in your business.

Let Me Help You Get Started

In the seven years I’ve been in the business I’ve written over 20 full-length books, alongside countless home study courses, newsletters and reports, so much so, I’ve lost track of titles which, in some cases, have earned hundreds of thousands of pounds for people who sold them,and some of the most unlikely people profit…. I mean really profit!! But one thing that never escapes my attention is the uniquely high profits achieved by a handful of information specialists, including spare-time operators earning just a few hundred pounds each week, to full-time publishing companies generating multi-million pound turnovers. I know who they are, I know how they did it, I know how you can do the same! Now their secrets of phenomenal success are available to you.

A Business that Can Never Die

One of the greatest worries for most people thinking of becoming Information Entrepreneurs is that the business is saturated, there are too many people in it already, ideas will dry up, and eventually the business will die. Here’s proof that it won’t.

Information is as vital a part of most people’s lives today as ever it was, as these ads. from early 1930’s newspapers show. Compare them with ads. you’ll find in today’s papers and you’ll see, in almost seventy years, nothing has really changed. The information business is as essential as ever and growing as the Millennium approaches and Internet technology develops, allowing even the smallest firms to target global markets for their information products.

Paper and Ink Products ….. Costing Little ….. Generating Immense Business Fortunes

Mark-ups, arid profits, are enormous in the information publishing business. A newsletter, for example, costing pennies to produce, can generate profits of several hundred pounds, per person, per year. Not forgetting the humble computer disk containing dozens of manuals and business reports for you to copy and sell, and costing just 35p to produce, which you will see being advertised all over Britain for £35, £45, even £50 or more! (By the way, I am giving that disk FREE with this package). You see, people don’t pay for just paper and ink, or computer disk or video, they pay for information the product contains. For the right information they will reward you well, and keep on rewarding you for many years to come. This business is TIMELESS, it continues generating profits, this year, next year, ad infinitum.

With such immense profits involved, you’ll ask: “Why should I believe there’s room for yet another little guy to make money so fast?” And I have the answer. Despite those people cashing in fast from all areas of the information business, there is always lots of room lefl for newcomers to enter and start generating their own fortunes. And there’s never been a better time to join them on the road to riches. With the Millennium approaching fast, people will look for ways to improve the quality of life for themselves and their families, before others beat them to it.

A New Century, A New Millennium, New Beginnings ….. For Them ….. For You …..

Too much to hope for? You think it can’t be done? I assure you it can. I have created money with my own information products, many times, and I will show you how to do the same.

Starting With …..

· The young man who wrote a book that earned him £40,000 – in just one month!
· How the same person made £40,000 for three consecutive months from another simple idea!
· How a book selling at £12.99 turned a young man, deeply in debt, into a multi-millionaire ….. in less than four years!
· How the world’s greatest self-publishing success stories got off the ground ….. and what you can learn from them!
· The SECRET of my own greatest success. The book it took three days to write and £40 to promote, which later sold over 4,000 copies in the first year alone, netting £80,000. And why that book still has millions of pounds worth of mileage left in it.
· ONE HUNDRED PLUS ideas for books I don’t have time to write myself …. which I almost guarantee will sell thousands, maybe millions of copies each. This information is priceless ….. ideas are the lifeblood of any …..

… publishing business ….. and I am prepared to share mine with you COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE!
· The most important FIVE-LETTER WORD I ever learned. And why no other word will ever beat it for making money so fast.
· The ad. I had to cancel fast …. because it worked so well!
· Why a single telephone call, at someone else’s expense, made me £300 IN ONE DAY!
· How to make £3,000 in 14 DAYS, without staff, office or large capital investment. (I first used this technique in March 1995 and I apply it successfully each time I need money fast).
· Why it takes as little time, effort and capital to make a lot of money as it does to make a little.
· Why the best way to make money from a product is to give it away.
· The one classic mistake all new publishers fall over themselves to make ….. and why there is a better way, costing less, making more.
· The one place every newcomer advertises …. and why it’s a total waste of time!
· The one single book 7 out of 10 rags-to-riches millionaires say influenced them more than any other.
· Why good old-fashioned direct mail is still the easiest way to make money today.
· How to write simple saleable books yourself and sell them, or get someone else to do it all for you.

FREE BONUS: Turn Your Home Computer Into A Powerful Cash-Generating Money Machine

Most information products are generated by computer: on disk, printout, on the Internet, even as CDs or instant fax-back products. That’s why the humble home computer is the most valuable possession of all to the aspiring information millionaire, explaining why this section of my course contains over FIFTY, yes fifty, super ideas for turning your computer into a powerful, mega-money-making machine. Meet the people whose own immense fortunes are owed purely and simply to their home computers.
Money-Making Secrets From Me to You

I ve learned the hard way. I’ve wasted money, time and energy, made endless mistakes, came close to giving up, yet I return to this business, time and time again. Why? Because it’s an easy, profitable, uniquely predictable business, one that benefits from secret established tips and techniques from my own experience and that of hundreds of successful writers and publishers ah over the world. These are secrets that could otherwise cost you many thousands of pounds, yet they’re included in my home study course at an affordable price.

Secrets …. What Secrets?

· Two reasons why working for nothing is the most profitable route of all.
· Why partnerships are such a bad idea. And the best! How I learned the hard way.
· Games people play. How ‘Customers From Hell’ can make your life a nightmare. Learn how to spot them, know how to handle them, before they get to YOU.
· How to check out nearly 15,000 newsletters and information products. in less than two minutes, without having to buy!
· How to use free information products to find hot topics, locate new customers, discover the best places to advertise, and uncover thousands of places to advertise to millions of hot prospects COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE!
· How to write articles and columns, and where to send them, and how to make sure every letter you write generates hundreds of leads for your products.
· The one stupid thing virtually all newcomers do to make sure nearly three-quarters of their customers never buy from them again.
· Why losing money on a mailshot or advertisement is such a good idea. And so wonderfully profitable! And how I turned my greatest loss into many thousands of pounds – in four short weeks!
· How to publish a book and sell a million copies ….. without writing a single word!
· The 27-step plan to sure-fire catalogue success.
· How to STOP selling your books and get richer faster!
· Why only 1 in 10 books makes it big …..and how to make sure that tenth book is yours!
· How to DOUBLE YOUR PROFIT’S in six months or less.
· The 7 essential components of direct mail and the 15 necessary features of all successful advertisements.
· Dozens of successful ads and headlines to earn and learn from!
· An exact template for designing a press release for any information product …. go on, take it, it’s mine, I GIVE
· The single, most important thing to do before locating a product and why 97 per cent of people disobey this rule.
· How to find hundreds of FREE IDEAS for products in minutes.
· A classic one-page letter that netted £20,000 BOOK SALES.
· Why FREE ADS. are the most profitable of all.
· How to make millions from FREE information products.
· How to find people keen to promote your books without spending money of your own.
· How to find a captive audience of monthly buyers that won’t cost you a penny.
· How to profit from seminars even if talking to strangers terrifies you!
· How to sell the same product as dozens of other people, but make yours the one people buy.
· How to make money from your telephone answering machine … and your fax machine, cassette player, video recorder!
· How five short letters, and £1.25, sold hundreds of copies of one of my books!
· The world’s greatest ads. of all time. How to COPY THEIR SUCCESS LEGALLY!
· The No 1, hands-down, biggest mistake of all in direct mail.
· 67 words and phrases to use in your promotions.
· 47 inside sales tactics and direct mail success strategies.
· 7 stupendous ways to ensure people open your mailshots first – and buy!
· The step-by-step checklist that puts your publishing business on automatic pilot.

Why The Internet IS The Way of the Future

· 27 reasons why ….. YOU CAN MAKE A FORTUNE on the Internet ….. even if you don’t have a computer!
· In fact, why it’s much better NOT to have a computer if you want to make really big money on-line.
· How countless information providers create value out of thin air on the Internet, and make millions to boot.
· How to find a captive audience of thousands, even millions, for any topic.
· Locate the top newsgroups for any topic and use those groups to get new ideas, partners, FREE MATERIAL, FREE HELP and countless hot prospects for your products.
· How to test and prove your products FREE OF CHARGE, before rolling out with paid advertising. And because I know the Internet is the way to develop your publishing business, I’m also going to send you:
FREE BONUS REPORT: ‘How to Advertise for Free and Make Money on the Internet’.

Self-Contained Business Package

Don’t wait for a tiny manual to pop through your door, look forward to sometling much bigger, a fact-packed fing binder home study course, comprising over 80,000 words of tightly packed data, accompanied by over 150 best-selling information products for you to copy and sell. This won’t slot through your letter box and it’s too heavy to send by ordinary post. So I’ll send it special delivery instead! Look forward to receiving a complete and comprehensive home study course including all of the above secrets and many, many more – not forgetting hundreds of reports for you to offer by post, mail order, or on the Internet. You could spend years building up a collection of reports, courses and manuals like this. Now you don’t have to because those very same products that might make your fortune in the information business are included entirely FREE OF CHARGE with this package. I’m giving you:

50 Full-Length Best-Selling Manuals On Disk AND 128 Inside Information Reports on Disk

Even though I know it’s impossible not to make money in the information business, I’m still prepared to offer you a money-back GUARANTEE but only if you are really committed to making money as a writer or publisher of straightforward information products. So, it having genuinely tried the business for three months, you find you don’t make money from simple step-by-step instructions included in my course, return it in good condition for a one hundred percent refund! I don’t want the disks back and I don’t expect many people to return the course. The information it contains has worked so well me, it’s bound to do exactly the same for you. If you’ve ever thought about starting your own home-based information publishing business, you owe it to yourself to order my course right away. Grab the opportunity now to get into the information publishing business, literally working hand-in-hand with someone who already has many years’ experience in this wonderful business and is willing to share her secrets with you.

Avril Harper
Avril Harper

P.S. Remember this offer also includes my latest title: ‘How to Turn Your Computer Into A Mega-Money-Making Machine for the Millennium’, normal price £29.99, yours FREE. Note, this book is dedicated to ideas for cashing in on the Millennium, and if you want to do just that, you’ll have to order fast. Plus, you’ll also get ‘How toAdvertise For Free and Make Money on the Internet’.
P.P.S. Because I want you to succeed, and succeed fast, I have installed a personal helpline, where you can leave messages for me any time of the day. Or night!
P.P.P.S. I’ll even meet with customers in person, if there’s no better way to get your business up and running in record short time. How many other writers and publishers make a similar offer without charging you a penny?


Avril Harper’s writing career began in 1990 with a series of articles in ‘Competitors Journal’. From there she expanded into writing articles and reports for mainstream business opportunity publications such as ‘Business Opportunity World’, ‘Great Ideas ‘and ‘Jaclow’, at the same time producing a series of live and work abroad titles for the Ministry of Defence and publisher Grant Dawson Travel. She is currently Features Editor for Great Ideas and Home Income Advisor for the Guild of Wealth. Her most successful tides include ‘Mags to Riches’ and ‘How to Be a Mail Order Millionaire’. Outside of travel and money-making topics, she is contributor and editor to several competitions, bargain-hunting and general interest publications, and is currently self-publishing a string of books and reports. Avril lives on the East Durham coast and is married with two young children. Prior to taking the decision to work from home as a writer – she worked for 15 years as a personnel manager in the Health Service and local government and, latterly, in the engineering industry.

“Many thanks again for the excellent ‘How to Go From Zero…’ My business is really doing exceptionally well this month, since trying lots of the tips you suggested! “P W. Publisher, Essex
“Thank you for the excellent information you sent me. I’ve already had some success. The course has paid for itself already.” S. E. Publisher, Doncaster
“It is really fantastic!! Not only am I gaining knowledge but it is helping me to expand my own thoughts and stimulate creativity.” T. S. New York
“First of all may 1 say a very big thank you for all the help and advice contained in your course. At times I found it extremely difficult to set down and I ended up reading it for long periods at a time.” A.J.B, Belfast “The best I have ever read.” L. W. Middlesex

I wish to order my copy of ‘How to Go From Zero to £100,000 a Year Selling Information Products’


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