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How To Make a Million in 2 years or less.

“Millionaire SECRETS Revealed ….. From £££s in Debt to Millions in The Bank ….. In Less Than Two Years!”

Wednesday 9.30 a.m.

Dear Reader

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There has never been a better time to get rich. The heavy toll taken on the world by the recent recession has created the perfect setting for the newcomer wanting to make money fast, as you will shortly discover.

Better still, it is possible to become a millionaire in two years or less doing something you really enjoy while at the same time getting more fun out of life, having more leisure time, having it all.

Yes, you really can ….. Be WEALTHY ….. Incredibly RICH. Think about it. No more money worries. Repay all your debts, buy a new car, have the home of your dreams. Take that fabulous holiday you and your family are always talking about.


Over the years, I have researched the secrets of the super rich, I’ve spoken to them, learned from them, developed their thinking into HOW TO MAKE A MILLION IN TWO YEARS OR LESS – a mind-blowing programme designed to help others profit from wealthy people’s experience with none of the usual risks involved.

The result is a unique insight into businesses large and small, profitable and super successful. It’s the latter we focus on now ….. multi-million pound businesses started on the proverbial shoestring. Like J.K. whose own story takes him from near bankruptcy to multi-millionaire in less than two years. And P.H. who says he owes his cheque for £215,000 to a system suggested by us.


From the day you understand the basics of wealth creation your life will never be the same again. Everything you ever wanted will be yours, once you know those techniques wealthy people use to attract unlimited wealth. But do you know their secret, or are you. like most people, still in the dark?

Let me ask you a question:

HAVE YOU EVER WANTED TO BE SERIOUSLY RICH but thought real wealth was for other people, never for you? If so, you’re not alone, most people have similar desires, and just the same doubts about being rich and their own chances of achieving great wealth. Most people only dream about being wealthy, wondering why it always happens to others, never to them. Disillusioned, they work hard and wait for the next great job to come along, one that makes them more money, gives better holidays, increases their self-respect. Sadly, in the end, they rarely get what they yearn for ….. they never enjoy the freedom and material possessions that only real wealth brings.

THIS NEEDN’T BE SO. TRUE WEALTH IS AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE WHATEVER THEIR BACKGROUND, WHATEVER THEIR SO-CALLED ‘STATION’ IN LIFE YOU CAN BE FABULOUSLY WEALTHY – and it isn’t hard to do. All you need is know-how, and determination. Commitment and knowledge – secrets previously known to only a few lucky people. But where to learn those secrets, how to get the money ball rolling. How to start it rolling now, today, not tomorrow, not the next day, but NOW! Within the next few days you could be on your way to financial freedom. If you are willing to put a little effort into making a better life for yourself, then please give yourself the chance. REAL WEALTH IS STARING YOU IN THE FACE. But …

… if you don’t act now, you might lose all possibility of ever becoming rich. THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY TO HAVE TRUE FINANCIAL SECURITY. That is to make money on your own, whenever you want it. Once you have a powerful money-making system that lets you make money on your own, any time you want, your money worries are over. From that day forward your life will never be the same again.


He was the son of a coalminer in the north east of England and started life in a colliery cottage in South Shields. Now he lives in a huge detached house in Washington and tells me he owes it all to a remarkable occurrence in his early 20s. “I developed a technique”, he told me, “for seeing things differently, like the many wealthy people I met in the course of my employment.” He recounts things about his wealthy contacts, secrets they utilised in their own lives, which he began using as he went about his daily work. “I developed an amazing formula that every fabulously wealthy person I met was using to gain wealth. It was so unbelievably simple to understand that I began applying it within 24 hours. Within two years I had made my first million. The things I had learned were nothing short of incredible!! Almost from discovering the secret of attracting great wealth, I could see my life would never be the same again!! What is probably the most amazing thing of all is that I started without any money!!” G.W. told me, while sharing his secret with me.

HOW MUCH CAN BE MADE FROM THE SECRET? That would be telling and I think it’s a secret worth selling – and, though the secret is obviously worth hundreds of thousands of pounds to you, it’s yours for an incredibly low price, if you act promptly. All I can say is, I know you will be astounded.


  • How to generate wealth and success ….. attract a steady stream of money your way … keep it flowing for the rest of your life. HOW TO MAKE A MILLION IN TWO YEARS OR LESS unlocks the secrets of the world’s most successful men and women and reveals the techniques they use to multiply their wealth.
  • Money multiplication ….. (Page 15) Money making money ….. Command profits ….. gain maximum profits in business, investments and speculation ….. the Zurich axioms: twelve little-known secrets Swiss bankers use to make every solitary hunch, every investment, every business deal pay huge dividends.
  • Use other people’s money, brains and influence to make you incredibly rich.
  • Use little-known scientific knowledge to start generating huge sums of money within hours ….. AUTOMATICALLY ….. WITHOUT TRYING!
  • Know – within hours – HOW TO MAKE MORE MONEY IN A WEEK THAN MOST PEOPLE MAKE IN A YEAR. With simple, easy-to-follow techniques, you’ll be on virtual automatic-pilot, doing something that requires little involvement from you but keeps on generating huge sums of money, week after week, month after month, year after year!


By now you’ll be forgiven for thinking it’s another ‘psychological thriller’ you’re looking at here, designed to convince you that wealth and success is all in the mind. And, while there is a lot to be said for the mentality and thought processes that distinguish self-made millionaires from less affluent men and women, it’s obviously pointless to have the right frame of mind to get rich if you don’t know how to attract great wealth your way. YOU HAVE TO KNOW ABOUT OPPORTUNITIES TO GET RICH, directions in which to point your money magnet, ideas for projects that attract fast and easy cash in continuous mode.

IF YOU REMEMBER JUST ONE THING, let it be this – you can make all the money you will ever need. The future is in your hands. This exclusive insight gives you incredible, easy opportunities to make huge amounts of money fast. You don’t need to be smart, talented or have education or experience. You can be male or female, young or old, and still make a fortune!


ACT NOW – not tomorrow or the next day, but RIGHT NOW – there will never be a better time to start your own wealth-creation process. ACT NOW and reap the early benefits of a brand new lifestyle. ACT NOW before others jump on your bandwagon. ACT NOW before you forget. ACT NOW while this limited offer still lasts. This exclusive book is worth hundreds of thousands of pounds to you, yet you can have it at an almost giveaway price. In fact, the book probably costs LESS THAN YOU SPEND ON LOTTERY TICKETS IN A MONTH. And offers so much more in return. What a shamefully low price to pay for a chance to get rich beyond your wildest dreams. A pathetically low price to discover those secrets previously known to only a handful of people. ’til now. Now, for the very first time you, too, can profit from those SECRETS ….. NOW ….. TODAY!


…..SIMPLY NOT TRUE! In fact, there are countless opportunities for making real money – lots of real money – MORE MONEY IN ONE MONTH THAN MOST PEOPLE MAKE IN A YEAR. The trouble is, most people don’t know where to look for the opportunity that will make them rich. Until now …..


  • How to turn a few hundred pounds into several thousand pounds in just a few hours. Listen to others who do this very same thing every day of the week. There are many ordinary people who are making £2,000, £3,000, even £5,000 a week or more from the comfort of their own home doing the same thing.
  • How to go from start-up to a million pounds quickly ….. case histories of ordinary people turned multi-millionaires ….. new and recent millionaires ….. how they turned simple ideas into multi-million pound businesses ….. how to legally copy these ideas yourself.
  • Working smart, earning more. The amazing part-time ventures that generate much more income than many full-time businesses. The work-from-home enterprises that make money while their owners sleep.
  • The easiest, quickest, most enjoyable way to get rich quick. Like P.H who banked more than two hundred thousand pounds in one day from just one technique included in our book. The cheque’s there to prove it!
  • Read about J. K. who turned from near bankrupt to multi-millionaire in an incredibly short time. Listen to what he says as he discloses the secrets of his own super success and shows you how to do the same.
  • Take over a going concern with no money down. In fact, everything you need to know about getting incredibly rich using other people’s money, brains and experience. One of the easiest, most profitable options in the entire book!
  • Multi-million pound businesses to start on a shoestring and make money fast. OVER 100 WAYS – tried and tested – profits assured!
  • Make ONE MILLION POUNDS a year in the property market, without a penny down. There has never been a better time for the propective property tycoon to really strike it big.

The amazing thing about all of these programmes is they can be started in less than a week and any one of them could easily bring you an ongoing source of income for the rest of your life. But by far the best thing about these incredible ideas is they can all be started with very little or no upfront investment and all can be operated right out of your own home, while needing no special training or experience at all. It really is this easy. But you have to act while the iron’s hot – don’t throw away your big chance when it’s offered or you may never have the chance again to make money so fast. Remember, you’ll find many more ideas for generating wealth than you’ve probably purchased in other books with much higher price tags. Isn’t your financial independence worth the small amount you’ll pay for my book?


ONE THOUSAND– that’s all – just one thousand copies of this book will be offered. That’s not a lie or advertising hype. It’s designed to restrict opportunities in the book to a handful of people. After that I’ll withdraw the offer and further my publishing interests elsewhere. Each copy will be numbered and accompanied by my personal certificate of authenticity. Just one thousand copies of the book will be distributed on a strictly ‘first-come, first served’ basis.

SO WHAT WILL IT BE? Just 30 days from now you could be nothing but older and deeper in debt. Or you could be on the way to your first million. If I’m wrong, all you lose is a few minutes of your time and the price of a postage stamp. But what if I’m right?


1) The book has nothing to do with chain letters, loans, pornography, pyramid schemes or any of that kind of stuff that never seems to work. What it does include are numerous amazing ways to make huge amounts of money fast, week after week, month after month, year after year.

2) You will not be disappointed. This book is all you ever need to get rich. That I promise you.

3) I will not write to you again. As always those who hesitate miss out. And so it will be in this case. Only a limited number of books are available and only a handful of promotional mailings will go. After that our computerised mailing system will prevent us from ever making this material available to you at any price. If you do not reply to this letter you may never have the chance again to be seriously, incredibly rich.


Still not sure? Well how’s this for an offer you really can’t refuse?

  • Try the book – genuinely try it – use it to create your own dream formula. Try it for one year, and, if you find it doesn’t make money for you, return it and we’ll give you back TWICE the money you paid. DO THIS ANY TIME – from one year to forever.

Of course you’ll expect an incentive to order and a gift to keep if the book fails to live up to its promise and you have to return it under the terms of our ‘success guaranteed or double your money back guarantee.’ So how about another exclusive report – THE MAGIC MAILBOX – How to Make a Million in Your Own Home-Based Mail Order Business – YOURS TO KEEP whatever you decide about our main book. So what have you got to lose? Nothing! Except perhaps the opportunity to get out of the rut and start enjoying the good life, now. Today!

Yours sincerely

Avril Harper

Avril Harper, MIPD, Dip PM Writer/Publisher.

P.S. Remember there’s no risk involved in using my book to become seriously rich. Your purchase is entirely risk free. The only risk you take is missing out on this outstanding opportunity. + 14 day money back guarantee

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