The proofreader gold diploma course in professional proofreading.

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in Professional Proofreading.

No prior skills or experience required.

The purpose of this course is to show you how you can become a professional, successful and well paid proofreader working either part-time or full-time from home.

If you have the right attitude now really is a very good time to start a home based career as a professional proofreader.

In short, proofreading is the perfect home-based opportunity that is not only interesting but much needed and well paid.

If you are serious about becoming a well paid home-based professional proofreader, you need to do a professional proofreading course. We firmly believe that our course, “The Proofreader Gold Diploma Course” in professional proofreading is the best value for money, quality Proof- reading Course available anywhere.

Over the five modules of this course you will learn everything you need to know to learn basic proofreading, effectively proofread any document and even how to market your service successfully to potential clients.

In the final module you can sit our Course Diploma Tests for our exclusive Proofreader Gold Diploma in Professional proofreading. In completing this course you will have shown you have the necessary skills and are competent in proofreading. You will know all that is necessary to carry out professional proofreading and earn up to £25,000 + per year as a freelance proofreader.

Anyone or any company who writes something that is going to be read by others needs a proofreader as writers, and editors make mistakes. Also, many publishing houses are reducing their in-house staff due to economic reasons, and as books still need to be proofread, more and more work is going to freelancers, in fact the majority of proofreading work is now carried out by freelancers.
Proofreaders are needed for millions of items each year, including books, magazines, newspaper articles, websites, leaflets and brochures. The advantage of being a freelancer are that you can take on as much or as little work as you wish and earn as much or as little as you wish. You can work the hours you want from your own home.


MODULE 1 Proofreading introduction and basics. You will learn:-

1) Literal and factual errors

2) How to become a really professional proofreader

3) How to get started

4) Marks and symbols used in proofreading

5) Preparing for a proofreading assignment

6) How to use a style sheet, provided to you by publishers

7) How to work to deadlines

8) How the majority of manuscripts to be proofread are printed on paper and reasons why

9) Electronic proofreading:- How to proofread electronic media including websites

10) Module summary


Tools and Techniques including how to communicate information to clients using proofreading marks. You will learn:-

1) How to read the copy

2) How to check the spelling even if you are not a good speller yourself

3) How to check the grammar

4) How to check the style

5) How to use proof correction marks

6) Clear examples of the essential proof correction marks in sentences

7) Useful grammar refresher

8) Key spelling differences

9) Module summary


Advanced proofreading. In module 3 you will learn some of the more advanced issues that proofreading involves. We will not list everything down here which is in the chapter, however, all you need to know to be a proofreader is covered here.


How to obtain work including:

1) Who are your customers

2) Obtaining work from Magazine & Newspaper Publishers, Advertising & P.R. Agencies, College & Universities, Company Websites, Authors & Writers and Printing Companies.

3) A guaranteed way to get experience in proofreading which will make it easier to obtain work

4) Proofreading for foreign customers

5) How to obtain work

6) How to market your services

7) How to get work from the internet

8) Sample letters which have been proven in obtaining work from customers

9) Sample telephone scripts which have been proven in obtaining work from customers

10) How to keep simple accounts

11) Income Tax and National Insurance for freelancers

12) VAT and how to pay it; (this is not necessary unless you are earning £55,000 plus per year)

13) Professional organisations for proofreaders

14) Module summary


Useful resources and Course Diploma Tests.

1) Glossary of print and publishing terms:

2) A directory of over 100 of the main UK publishers potentially looking for home based freelance proofreaders, including names, addresses and telephone numbers. Plus in edition to this, a directory of publishers who have recently been reported as having used freelance proofreaders:

3) Diploma Test One; final preparation for and test itself:

4) Diploma Test Two; final preparation for and test itself: Once you have successfully completed the Proofreader Gold Diploma Course in professional proofreading you will be awarded a Diploma certificate for either pass or distinction. You can take the course as many times as you wish until you pass. Once you have passed you will have shown you have the necessary skills and are competent in proofreading. You will know all that is required to carry out professional proofreading and earn up to £25,000 + per year enjoyably from home.


Andrew C. Walton B.A.(Hons) Dip.inst.A.M. Course Director.

Our No Quibble satisfaction guarantee;

100% Risk Free, 14 Day money back guarantee. If you don’t agree that the Proof- reader Gold Diploma course in professional proofreading can help you establish yourself as a professional freelance proofreader, just return the course in good condition for a full refund of the course fee paid.


The Proofreader Gold Diploma course is much easier to understand than the guide as everything is explained in clear concise English in detail and is very easily readable. The first course tutor is Peter Roper, an experienced professional proofreader of 30 years experience, having trained at International Thompson Publishing, established weekly in-house training courses for junior editorial staff, then editor of a news based magazine, before going on to become Associate Editor/Associate Publisher for International Thompson Publishing, then series editor/commissioning editor for Chapman & Hall, E & FN Spon Books. The second course tutor is Mark P. Hempshall, being a professional freelance writer, copywriter and editor of 17 years experience.

+ 14 day money back guarantee